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Classy Camper

Opera-Luxury-Camper-Trailer-1 Pictured above is Opera, the latest innovation in classy folding campers for chic nomads. Do the overlapping curves and peaks of the design remind you of anything? Sydney-Opera-House If you picked the Sydney Opera House as the design inspiration behind this camper, you’re absolutely right. Belgian designer Axel Enthoven modeled the camper, fittingly called Opera, after the unique aesthetic of Australia’s most recognizable building. Below is photo of the Opera as a prototype. Though it folds out to become a mini-masterpiece of canvas and stainless steel, Opera starts out as a compact, 4-wheel trailer that hooks up to your car. Opera-Luxury-Camper-Trailer-5 Don’t be deceived by the common trailer shape – it’s when you pull up to your campground that the real fun begins. Opera is not like an ordinary camper. Comparing it to one would be like saying attending the actual opera is the same as catching a movie matinee. Once you set up the camper (it’s electric and takes only 5 minutes to unfold at the press of a button, no messing with tent poles here), Opera offers you absolute luxury in a classic tent setting. Advertising copy bills Opera as “Your Suite in Nature,” and the description is accurate. Opera-Luxury-Camper-Folding-Out Though it only measures an economical 7 meters once expanded (around 23 feet for us non-Europeans), Opera is packed with modern amenities not usually found in pop up campers. Opera-Luxury-Camper-Trailer-Interior-1 The floors are teak, the interior walls are high-grade cotton, and the finishings are done up in oak, corian, and stainless steel for a contemporary, rich feel. The lighting is entirely LED. opera-luxury-camper-trailer-interior-1 Opera contains two electrically adjustable beds that can easily be turned into a double bed, as well as a mobile stove, barbecue (folds up to fit into the kitchen), hot and cold running water, and ceramic toilet. The camper has its own gas supply, negating the need to lug around an extra container. opera-luxury-camper-trailer-interior-2 Other amenities include a wine cabinet, heating (a must for chilly winter nights under the stars), an espresso bar, and an enclosed veranda with the aforementioned teak flooring. The camper has a small baggage area that’s great for storing folding chairs, groceries, and other smaller items. Another interesting touch is a built-in compass, so campers can correctly position the Opera to catch morning sunshine if they arrive at their campground too late to determine which way is east. opera-luxury-camper-trailer-interior-4 Opera made its debut at the 2009 Design at Work trade fair in Kortrijk, Belgium and has since gone on a world tour, with a stop at the 2010 International Design Biennale St. Etienne and, more recently, the Sydney Opera House itself. As of June of 2011, there have been several improvements made on the original design. The most interesting is the KinderOpera, a kind of “add-on” tent that expands the dimensions of the Opera and allows it to accommodate up to 6 adults. opera-luxury-camper-trailer-kinderopera Of course, such luxury doesn’t come cheap. According to their website, the current price for a bespoke Opera is €27,680. The €340 delivery fee isn’t included. They’re working on creating a more affordably priced version of Opera, hopefully to be on the market in the fall of 2011. If you do decide to purchase one, the company has published

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  • Hello

    July 28, 2015

    Shahab, we haven’t found any information on this! Maybe soon

  • Shahab

    July 28, 2015

    How can I buy one and how much it cost?
    Is it water prove?

  • Todd Young

    July 11, 2015

    I am amazed! To say that I would want one is a understatement. Thank you for sharing the creativity. Kudos to the designer or design team!

  • Katie

    January 6, 2015

    Great Posts

    Love Katie

  • Really cool, but too expensive.

  • Brooke

    July 23, 2013

    I love this!!!!

    I hope they bring it back into production and at a better price. Would love to see something with same design principles, but perhaps more eco friendly building materials. Perhaps an option to add solar panels?

    I love that is in a perfect in-between size of other camping options.

    I am a business consultant and constantly visit clients out of town and conventions. If I had this I would consider staying at local national parks or campgrounds instead of hotel rooms. I would rather be somewhat in nature than stuffy hotel rooms any day. A tent on the ground risks not getting a good nights sleep and getting dirty before work – which is not ideal for a business trip. Driving an RV or large trailer is more than I want to deal with for a business trip. A large trailer adds a lot to the MPG, can obstruct the view behind the car, and challenging to park. Also love the little patio, where I could clean my shoes before going inside. Showering outside would be the only issue at times.

    It would also be great to set up in front of a family or friends house when I visit for a few days so I can have my own space. (most of my friends and family live in rural areas or safe quiet neighborhoods, camping in the driveway would not be an issue).

    Also perfect for a weekend music festival.

    And yes, I am a little superficial compared to other campers. I love the clean modern aesthetic, a wonderful mix of having a comfortable bedroom but out in nature. Like I said with something comfortable and small like this I would seriously consider mixing camping into my nightly stays on business trips.

    Look forward to seeing something like this in USA.

    Another suggestion. I think there could be a large market for this with companies that rent RV’s. Especially in large metropolitan areas. I could see people from the city renting these regularly for a weekend getaway or when there is a music festival in town that offers camping spots 🙂

    Or perhaps the company in UK should try this as a rental business instead of selling them so that they can have regular profit to keep producing them.

  • theresa

    June 17, 2013

    Campers should not be made of fabric. The End.

    A.) its made of high grade cotton…stains, shrinking, rips, burns, kids wreaking havoc, animals trying to get in or out, etc. You know, what happens in camping ALL THE TIME. I remember when my dog chewed through my tent, now that was a couple hundred dollars. I would roast my dog on the bbq if it chewed through something as expensive as this.

    B.) it screams MUG ME, ROB ME. You look at that, and all you need is a sharp tool to cut in and rob this camper while everyone is out on a nature walk, or at the lake, or wherever. If you have the money for this large, very different looking modern camper, they will think you have even more valuables stashed inside. If you buy this, you can NEVER leave it unwatched. kind of ruins the whole camping and exploring idea.

    C.) You look like a fool in ANY and ALL campsites. I would not be caught dead in this yuppie contraption. Every camper within a 50 mile radius is going to look at you like you are goddamn fool. TEAK FLOORS? A WINE CABINET?
    Whatever happened to just, you know, normal floors…and um a cooler for your 6-pack. Just rent a condo and be done with it.

  • nubwaxer

    March 20, 2013

    ridiculously overpriced. these same people could design a ione room cabin in the woods for 500k i bet.

  • Tongo Rondele

    February 13, 2013

    yeah right 35K usd.

  • John

    November 17, 2012

    You can get something far better equiped for half the price of this camper.

    no comparison. The Pennine Group products are down right ugly compared to the Opera. Both are still anyhow overpriced. I’d rather stay in a nice hotel.

  • Dave

    November 12, 2012

    I reckon some folks have to have stuff like this.

  • Alan Dempsey

    August 16, 2012

    Just sensational. Good value I think, for what is actually an iconic peice of design/art-for-art-sake. It’s a statement tent pitched at those who don’t want pitch a tent statement, so to speak 😉 And yes, it;s value… early Porsches aren’t cheap either, but they are rare, beautiful and practical, and they goooo… therefore desirable,. This ticks all these boxes too and is therefore the Porsche 2.7 RS Carrera of the camper trailer world. Chappeau ! ( THe vid is dross and needs shooting, along with the idiot who dreamed it up. An insult to the genius of the gizmo itself. )

  • mick2d2

    July 17, 2012

    You can get something far better equiped for half the price of this camper.

  • d

    July 11, 2012

    What a silly promotional video. Was genuinely interested at first but now put off. Next time give some information and let the customer make up their own lifestyle fantasies

  • Obdulio Sandoval

    June 24, 2012

    “Baby boomers hanging around like a Cialis comercial”. It´s the perfect expression. Congrats, MoonTrout.

  • Floza Eleezen

    May 8, 2012

    Wow!!!Nice one
    Evolution makes a big difference in our everyday life and for BMF wheels is no different.
    The BMF wheels parts and accessories fitted the car with new wheels and some subtle mods, and now it totally stands out from the crowd.

  • Giles

    April 30, 2012

    Great product. I might have bought one…but please delete the first minute of the video….its terrible.

  • Jenny Sterne

    March 5, 2012

    This ‘tent’ is fabulous! BUT anyone who can actually afford it doesn’t watch promo videos like this before buying. NO, they send their butler out to arrange the sale. Anyone who can afford it is most likely playing at ‘roughing it’.
    Just my tuppence worth.

  • Thristhan

    July 29, 2011

    Wow, that’s so creative. What a great way to travel 🙂

  • DanaMite

    July 26, 2011

    Very cheesy video, agreed. Sometimes marketing folks try so hard to ‘think’ like us, they totally miss the target. I would have rather seen more of the design features of this unit, and unfolding of the camper from several perspectives, than all those cozy, well-lit couple shots. Like, not everyone travels in pairs, ya know?

    All in all, it’s gorgeous looking and a step in the right direction for a new trailer camper design.

    Now if they can only find a way to attach a solar panel for the ‘suite’ power it takes to recharge your laptop and adjust that bed comfort, it could really make a statement. I am still holding out for the veggie diesel 4×4 camper van. Tent campers meet tent trailers – yes!

  • Wow! Campers have certainly come a long way since my camping days as a kid. This is pretty amazing. Alas and alack my husband is a real ‘city guy’ and just not the camping type like me.

    Seems to me you could have an excellent adventure with this. The price is pretty ridiculous, though. That’s about $50,000 USD, I think. Let’s see – how many hotel room nights could I get for that in cool cities like San Francisco (where I visited last weekend).

  • Maria

    July 22, 2011

    You’re right, the video is not the best, but we thought it added a little something to the article. At least they did finally show us how Opera unfolds in the end. The vid tells us something about the people they’re marketing Opera to, if nothing else!

  • Moon Trout

    July 22, 2011

    Really cheesy video that wastes half the time showing Baby Boomers hanging around like a Cialis commercial. I wish they would just have gotten straight to this wonderful product and let us see it open up and do its thing.

Any comments?