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…..come with us and enjoy a difference by where and how you travel.

Meet the Team:


Part Editor and Art Director, Veronique Lievre selects the subjects that Been-Seen discusses, and also coordinates the visual look and feel of the entire site. Her investigative eye and refined taste helps to create an artistic harmony between content and design. Veronique’s European sensibility and New World bravado keeps Been-Seen classy, edgy and fresh.


Heinz Legler is Been-Seen’s architect, responsible for the theoretical cornerstone that the site is built upon. Constantly inventing, improving and creating, Heinz also helps guide Been-Seen’s panorama of content. Intrigued by the concept of travel, he is interested in innovative ideas that redefine what travel is.


Roshan is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and editor. Over the years she has written for a wide range of British and American publications, from The Guardian and Mirror newspapers to Marie Claire, In Style, and New Scientist. Born in Edinburgh to a Scottish father and Iranian mother, she has also lived in England and Canada, has no idea where ‘home’ is any more, and always checks ‘Other’ when asked her ethnic origin.


Terri Phillips was born in Alabama to a pack of wolves. She studied art in Paris at Ecole des Beaux-Arts and received her Master’s degree from CalArts. She has published three books of poetry, makes sculptures out of candy and is represented by Acuna-Hansen Gallery. Her writing has appeared in Errant Bodies, Artillery, Art on Paper and Travel and Leisure. Terri currently lives and works in Los Angeles. (image: Terri drinking a rare glass of water)

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