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Zen spa

Ryokan Chojukan at Hoshi Onsen..........(2587.jpg)

Feel squeezed between skyscrapers and cars? Want to forget for a few days your stressful schedule, your laptop, your phone calls? Try to spend a few days in calm and authentic Japan at Chojukan at Hoshi Onsen.

Ryokan Chojukan at Hoshi Onsen..........(2588.jpg)

It is a traditional Ryokan hidden in the forests and mountains, and near natural hot springs. It is one of these places in the world we never feel like leaving, I am sure you know what I mean. During Spring you're surrounded by flowers, during Winter by smooth white snow. If you don't know what season to choose, it's alright – you will go again. 

Let's dream a bit. The inn's door passed, let yourself fall into another world. Open the shoji. Wooden Ryokans seem to exist for the nature around them. You can walk over the Nishi River, have a taste of its fish for dinner, relax for hours in its hot springs, as you have never taken the time to before.

Ryokan Chojukan at Hoshi Onsen..........(2633.jpg)

If you've never been to Japan, you will be surprised by, let's say, almost everything you see, and you'll enjoy discovering the Japanese lifestyle. To start with, at Chojukan, there are no private baths! You'll share your outdoor and indoor hot spring baths in the Ryokan with guests of the same gender.

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Your rooms? Similarly, don't expect a king-size bed, instead you'll have a Japanese futon. And did I mention anything yet about the food? It is so meticulously prepared that it is almost as good as it is beautiful. OK, well, I'll stop before you start getting totally lost in your dreams… but it feels good, doesn't it? – Bertilla Baudiniere

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