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World’s Smallest Pop-up Hotel

Pick your cliché: Good things come in small packages. Size doesn’t matter. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Because they all apply to the World’s Smallest Hotel. At 203 square feet (29 X 7) it far outdistances a hotel in Amberg, Germany, which is the next smallest at 603 square feet. Lest you think the unit skimps the finer things in the interest of coziness, it is based on the Radisson Edwardian on Bloomsbury Street in London.

And it shows in a luxurious interior, where you can waft away the time amid velvet linens, a dining room area, a flat screen television, a refrigerator and a double bed. In fact, it looks a lot like what you expect from an upscale hotel room.

What really makes the World’s Smallest Hotel unique is the exterior. It is a restored Airstream Recreational Vehicle. The shiny silver shell is classic retro, instantly recalling the early Atomic Age of the late 1950s and early 1960s. It is not a stretch to imagine Ed Sullivan talking one of these up between jugglers and circus performers on his famed variety. The Airstream appealed to the leisure class then just as it does now.

Even though it resembles no other hotel on the planet, the World’s Smallest Hotel still has all the services the upscale traveler has come to anticipate. Guests have their own concierge, receive a personalized check-in and check-out and can order from the room service menu. There is no word on where the food is made or where the staff actually stays.

The hotel received its debut in March when contest winners were able to spend a night at various landmarks of note throughout London.

London, ironically, was the perfect place for the hotel to be rolled out as many of the locals could easily have mistaken it for a pop up food stand where many of them grab an order of fish and chips for lunch. A closer look, however, would show that it is far from a greasy spoon.

The sleek but hip outside and the comfortable but sturdy inside will make visitors want to stay for much longer than just their lunch break.

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