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Winter Light


In a place like Sweden, which craves light in the winter and basks in its endless rays during summer, designing a hotel solely around the idea of light makes sense. Stockholm – Sweden's capital – is known for cutting edge design, and the Nordic Light Hotel manages to combine both the country's tendency towards sleek lines and minimalist surroundings and infuse the space with life by way of light.


Although the hotel leans toward spaces that embody sparseness, the area feels rich thanks to the special lighting effects that give the hotel its name. Upon arrival, light draws the visitor in, thanks to the main lobby's light installation designed by renowned lighting architect and design director of Ljusarkitektur, Kai Piippo.


The room functions on a 24 hour mood schedule, providing warm hues of yellow and oranges in the morning and cool blues in the afternoon. Visitors are encouraged to feed their emotional state by choosing their own lighting setting in their personal rooms.


Swedes are very aware of the health benefits of light; maybe it's on account of being deprived of it for so long during the winter season. For that reason, the hotel offers an array of infrared light therapy packages, which are meant to stimulate the body's own healing processes. Spending time in the light never felt so good. AB




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