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Where The Wilde Thing Was

Where the Wilde things were.............(lhotel10.jpg)

Oscar Wilde died here. Which is reason enough to want to stay at L’Hôtel. It wasn’t called L’Hôtel back in 1900. Back then, it was a run-down pension house called the Hotel Alsace. Today, it’s one of Paris’s most characterful boutique hotels, a hotel with only 20 rooms, arranged around a twisting, turning staircase.

Where the Wilde things were.............(lhotelstitch.jpg)

It’s been described as over-the-top and opulent, a sparkling jewelry box. Small Luxury Hotels of the World describes it as ‘a dramatic expression of Parisian panache with excitingly decadent décor, a Michelin-starred restaurant, a romantic small pool and sauna in the cellars, and original works of art by Jean Cocteau, set in the heart of St-Germain-des-Prés.’

Where the Wilde things were.............(lhotel5.jpg)

The central spiral staircase takes residents through six floors of lavish, individually-styled rooms and suites of various sizes, shapes and colors.

Where the Wilde things were.............(lhotelstitch2.jpg)

The hotel is located in the heart of the Left Bank, surrounded in art galleries, and just minutes from Boulevard St Germain, the Louvre and the Seine. But if you want to stay and enjoy the ambience, its Michelin-starred dinery, Le Restaurant, created by chef Philippe Belissent, is much lauded, not only for its Michelin-starred food but also for its comfy armchairs and sofas.

Where the Wilde things were.............(lhotel7.jpg)

And if you’re a fan of Oscar Wilde, stay in the room named (and styled) after him, then browse his handwritten notes posted on the walls of the lobby lounge. Some are from the hotel staff urging him to settle his bill. Something he didn’t live long enough to do. RM

Where the Wilde things were.............(lhotel8.jpg)

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  • Timeshare Relief

    December 21, 2009

    Weird architecture right, but it is very interesting to visit with, I dreamed to visit this very old hotel.

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