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Underwater Hotel


Poseidon, the first undersea resort, is currently under construction on a private island in Fiji and is anticipated to open in mid-2008.


The hotel will sit beneath 40 feet of water and maintain one atmosphere of pressure, so guests will not need SCUBA certification — or even swimming skills — to visit. The entire complex was engineered by L. Bruce Jones, the President of U.S. Submarines.



Each of the underwater hotel's 24 underwater suites will have lights that guests can control to illuminate the suite's private artificial reef. With a push of a button, guests will be able to feed fish with an external fish feeder. And because 60% of the suite's exterior surface will be transparent acrylic, the view should be spectacular. Guests with the desire to explore the sea floor further will be able to do so in a private submarine.


Elevators will connect Poseidon's on-shore and underwater facilities, so guests will have no difficulty getting from the golf course to the undersea revolving restaurant.



Ready to book your stay? Poseidon will begin taking reservations in November. Week-long stays, including two days underwater and four on land, will be available for $15,000 per person.

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