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It’s the perfect hotel – one where the scenery changes every day, without you having to move a muscle. Cruise ships have been doing this for years at sea, but Exploranter is the only officially registered mobile hotel on dry land. And the dry land in question is the amazing landscape of South America.

Unlike overland safaris where you travel in a truck and camp at night, Exploranter has a fully-equipped kitchen, three hi-tech shower rooms and observation decks – as well as 27 rooms within its body. Granted, they’re small – and we suspect not suitable for anyone with even faintly claustrophic tendencies. But they’re remarkably self-contained. Each is two meters in length, and has curtains, a small storage space and a tiny window.

If you can take the lack of space, you’re rewarded with an epic journey across Brazil, Argentina and Chile, with routes through Patagonia, Pantanal and the Atacama desert. Trips range from one week to 22 days in length, and you can add on expeditions like hot-air ballooning, horseback riding, spelunking and archaeology.

The spirit of the voyage is camaraderie – it’s all about having the experience of a lifetime and making life-long friends. Let’s face it, sleeping in such close proximity, you’d better become life-long friends… The alternative is just too painful to contemplate. RM

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