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Venice is one of those cities where it’s easy to feel like a tourist. Let’s face it, the place is teeming with them. So what’s it like to feel at home in Venice, part of the city? Of course that depends your idea of what home is. If it’s a pre-19th century building with contemporary interior design, classically-influenced modern artwork, and a view of the Giudecca Canal, you’re a lot like us at Been-Seen. And you’d probably love Charming House DD724.

Here’s how the people at Charming House describe their properties (there are currently three: DD724, DD694, and IQS): ‘The Charming House experience is what it feels like to find an island within an island.

This Charming House.....................(dd724hotel5.jpg)

‘A place where the world begins to make sense, where it stops and where you can step off for a while. Where you can remind yourself of just how beautiful the world can be.’

DD724 is a small boutique hotel in the Dorsoduro Quarter, next to the Guggenheim Gallery (the unusual name comes from the postal address).

Like most residences in the city it’s reached by a narrow, paved street, and overlooks the canals.

Interiors are contemporary, with all modern conveniences. A great way to set up residence in this ancient city without surrendering creature comforts. RM

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