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If you like his hats, you'll love his hotel. Hat-designer Philip Treacy recently unveiled his first venture into hotel design — the g hotel in Galway. It's a surprising location for what may be one of the most wildly original hotels to come along in years, but Galway is where Treacy grew up and, he claims, is one of Ireland's most bohemian communities.


The hotel itself is a clever explosion of design that ranges from baroque to contemporary: the wall of the reception room is made from black glass and houses tanks of seahorses, the Pink Salon boasts fuschia Andy Warhol camouflage chairs and a black and white vortex carpet, and the bedrooms are cool and luxurious. Definitely worth deviating off the beaten path to check out.


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  • niall river

    January 25, 2007

    yes guys he’s right – the hotel is a trip, and each room has its theme, from classical to futuristic. I really want to do a phot-shoot in it for our club ‘Cabaret ZIS!’, which is one of the bohemian events currently happening in Galway (Monroe’s, Jan 31). I envisage elegantly wasted trashed artists in Tom Waits poses draped around the Pink Lounge…..

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