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There's a helicopter in my room…

If you're looking for a really original getaway, this one is pretty hard to beat. And no, your eyes are not deceiving you – that is a helicopter sitting in the cottage pictured above. In fact, it's a fully restored 1968 Sikorsky HH37 Sea King Pelican helicopter, and a famous one at that – the one featured in the ocean rescue scene in the movie Top Gun. But what's it doing in a hotel room?

Ultra-luxurious country estate Winvian opened earlier this year offering 18 unique cottages, situated in 113 acres of pastures and woodlands in Litchfield Hills, Connecticut. The main building is the historic Seth Bird House, which dates back to 1775. The rest of the estate, however, is very far from conventional. Fifteen architects were employed to create fantastical, futuristic or whimsical visions. The Artist Cottage, for example, offers easels, canvases and paints for guests who want to indulge their creative talents. The Golf Cottage has floors that are perfect for putting as well as a small outdoor range. The Library Cottage is full of books.

Which brings us back to the Helicopter Cottage… It's a full-size helicopter inside a contemporary cottage, designed by Malcolm Appleton. Inside the helicopter is the bar and entertainment center, while the rest of the cottage is shrouded in natural plants and designed to feel like you've just landed in the middle of the countryside.

If that appeals to you, here's the crunch. Rates at Winvian start from $1,450 per night (including all meals and drinks and unlimited use of facilities). If you fancy renting the whole property, it's available from $32,000 per night.

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