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The World’s First Rotating Hotel?

The World's First Rotating Hotel........(solta4.jpg)

Most people don’t mind playing a little extra for a great view from their hotel room. But what if that view changed constantly? What if you woke up looking at the ocean and fell asleep under shady palms? If all goes well, that’s what will be happening at a new resort on Šolta Island, near Split in Croatia. Europe’s first rotating hotel, designed by Richard Hywel Evans of Studio RHE, was born from the desire to give everyone a sea view – for at least part of the day.

The World's First Rotating Hotel........(solta2.jpg)

It’s not the first time hoteliers have had the idea. (Perhaps they’ve all fallen in love with Rolf Disch’s Heliotrop?) The Marmara Antalya in Turkey has a revolving loft, a 24-room, circular, tri-level building that revolves slowly to give 360-degree panoramas of the surrounding mountains. The Rotating Palace Hotel in Foshan, China, has a rotating restaurant perched on top of it, and the Sun Dial Restaurant, atop a skyscraper in Atlanta, has been rotating for years (though you can’t stay in it). And, of course, there’s going to be an entire Rotating Skyscraper in Dubai. With 30 floors, rotating in different directions, natch.

The World's First Rotating Hotel........(solta3.jpg)

So what’s going on in Croatia? The plan is to build a resort with the rotating hotel as its centrepiece. It’ll be three storeys in height and rotate 1.3 times a day. So, in theory, no day will ever be the same.

The World's First Rotating Hotel........(solta5.jpg)

The rotating hotel will be surrounded in an infinity-edged pool, and views across the Adriatic and countryside.

The World's First Rotating Hotel........(solta7.jpg)

The ground level entrance and a central hub (containing the reception, stairs and lifts) will not rotate. There will also be villas and guest pavilions, a yacht club and marine village, all of which will stay very still.

The World's First Rotating Hotel........(solta6.jpg)

We haven’t been able to find many pictures of the actual spinning hostel yet, but, as these images show, the rest of the resort looks stunning. RM

The World's First Rotating Hotel........(solta8.jpg)

Images: Studio RHE

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