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The Library Hotel


If you love nothing more than a good book, perhaps you should consider a stay in New York's mansion-style Library Hotel — a hotel so devoted to the written word that its rooms are organized by the Dewy Decimal System.


Each of The Library Hotel's floors is themed to a category of reading (e.g., science, philosophy, arts, literature), and each of its 60 rooms is a specific subject in that theme (e.g., geology, ethics, architecture, poetry). Rooms each hold a collection of books on their subject from the hotel's collection of 6,000 volumes.


Guests will find more to cater to the book lover as they explore the hotel. The Writers Den is a gorgeous wood-paneled room with a fireplace, the Poetry Garden is a year-round greenhouse, and the Reading Room offers a quiet place to read and 24-hour refreshments.


The hotel is on Madison Avenue, just moments away from the New York Public Library and Pierpont Morgan Library & Museum.


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