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The Library

A boutique hotel for bibliophiles? Bookworms all over the world may be delighted to hear about the recent opening of The Library on Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui, Thailand. Among many reading-inspired features around the hotel is its centrepiece, the fully-stocked White Library. The designers wanted to create a comfortable, undisturbed place for vacationers, and decided that one thing people like to do on a beach, to truly relax, is read. Their challenge is to let everyone complete one book cover-to-cover before they leave.

The Library is full of fiction, non-fiction, DVDs and music. But if you're not into reading for two full weeks, the hotel also boasts an amazing red-tiled swimming pool surrounded by mattresses and cushions. By the pool is The Fit, a mini-gym, as well as The Page, an Asian-European fusion restaurant.

Each room has a 42-inch plasma television, DVD player, and iMac computer with broadband access. Rooms also have a light box that enables you to change the color of your surroundings. Geek heaven. RM

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