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The Gladstone Hotel

Continuing our theme of art hotels, here's one in Canada that goes by the name of the Gladstone Hotel. Dubbed the 'anti-chain hotel Toronto experience' by the Globe & Mail, it has 37 guest rooms each designed differently by a separate artist. From graffiti-tagged to Seventies retro, some work better than others, but no doubt that depends entirely on your personal taste. And that's the charm of these hotels – that you can search their websites for the room that suits you best. A well-known British travel writer recently told me that the biggest change in hotels in the last few decades has been a shift towards individuality. These days people choose hotels to reflect their personalities. And here we have an even more specialized way of traveling. Rooms to reflect your personality.

The Gladstone HotelToronto has a vibrant one, and this hotel offers more than just groovy rooms. The historic building has short-term artist studios, exhibition spaces, and conference/wedding venues, as well as the Ballroom Cafe and Melody Bar. It hosts cabaret, art exhibitions and film screenings. They describe it as 'an ongoing experiment in melding cultural entrepreneurship and urban development'.

The Gladstone HotelGreen Shift. RM

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