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On la Isla Grande de Chiloé in Chile, there lies a poetic dream. At least that’s how its owners describe it. A place of community and intimacy where guests feel in close contact with the birds, the forest and the native flora of the region. A collection of cabins built around a ‘shipwrecked’ central building, it’s called Espejo de Luna, or the reflection of the moon.


Cabins sleep up to five people, and are fully equipped with fridges, natural heating and microwaves, as well as views of Corcovado mountain, and Chaitén and Michimahuida volcanoes.


There are no telephones or televisions, but rest assured there’s plenty to. Activities include trekking, boat trips, fishing and eco-tourism, but – please – no hunting.


There’s a honeymoon cottage for couples, particularly newlyweds – in the middle of the woods, with a great view of the beach. Espejo de Luna is fully wheelchair-accessible, with special bedrooms as well as paths and an elevator in the middle of the woods that reach the beach.


At first the central building, the restaurant-bar-lounge, comes across as a curious work of modern art. Then you realize it’s designed to look like a shipwreck. Made from local woods in traditional Chiloé style, it’s the place to meet fellow travelers as well as locals, over a glass of fine Chilean wine.


Food is prepared Chiloé-style (Curanto, Milcao, Pork Reitimiento), with fresh seafood, seasonal vegetables, exotic fruits, and meats cooked outside on the chef’s Qunicho.


A perfect retreat from the noise of the rest of the world. RM


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