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Salt and Sill

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The relaxing sound of waves gently breaking against a water dock while being slowly rocked to sleep, is Salt & Sill, Sweden’s first floating hotel, most attractive appeal. The hotel also has wonderfully designed interiors and an award winning restaurant.

salt and sill 05

The hotel floats and is docked next to the herring island of Klädesholmen, on the far western side of Tjörn island of the west cost of Sweden.

salt and sill 02

Salt & Sill’s restaurant is well know for its high quality food based on local raw materials and being influenced by the the coast and the sea. The restaurants specialty is herring, one of Sweden’s oldest food traditions with endless possibilities for variations.

salt and sill 04

The owners of Salt & Sill also fully took in consideration the environmental impact of their hotel and restaurant. During the construction of the establishment it was made sure that everything had a positive impact on its surroundings. They went as far as using the excavated rock left over to build a new lobster reef outside the hotel which will help the marine life.

salt and sill 03

Salt & Sill has really created itself to offer its visitors a complete experience within food, drink and accommodation, the fact they have done this all while keeping in mind the environment, just makes the establishment that much more impressive and a worth spot to check out.

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