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Rising From the Ruins

If someone was to build a castle today, what would it look like? Like this, perhaps. The Paço De Pombeiro is a sixteenth-century granite manor house in Felgueiras, Portugal, which was recently given a major facelift by architecture team Ezzo. And the great news is… you can stay at it.

Led by César Machado Moreira, the team rennovated the original building (parts of which had been standing since the early 12th century).

They also extended the structure out into the landscape and aped the turrets of the original building in the dramatic new building.

The hotel, owned by the Mello Sampayo family, is situated on 24 acres of farmland, covered in vineyards and the odd ruin.

The guest capacity has also expanded, and Paco now accommodates 22 people in 10 rooms. These are bracketed by red concrete towers, reminiscent of turrets.

There’s also a stunning swimming pool, a library and a dog kennel.

Best of all, it’s surprisingly affordable, with rates starting at 75 euros per night. Including breakfast. RM

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