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Propeller Island City Lodge


We just received an e-mail from Lynka Adams. While researching hotels in Berlin, Lynka found the Propeller Island City Lodge. We think it's definitely an interesting place. What do you think?


Propeller Island has 30 rooms, each one individually designed and hand-crafted. They are some of the most unique living spaces we have ever seen! Built over the course of five years by artist Lars Stroschen as a gigantic work of art or “stay-in work of sculpture,” Propeller Island's rooms are delightfully eclectic in the extreme. You can choose a room for relaxation, for excitement, or to play with your sense of reality!


For your stay at Propeller Island, you can request a room covered in black-and-white symbol tiles, completely painted in relaxing orange, padded in green leather, or with mirrors covering most every surface. You can choose to stay in a prison cell, deep-earth mine, or vampire lair with coffins in which to sleep. Your bed may be suspended by thick ropes, in a cage on stilts, seeming to float above the floor, or even nailed to the ceiling. One room has a bathroom surrounded by red glass, another's washroom is hidden in a wardrobe. Or, for the less adventurous, there are a number of more simple, relaxing rooms, and the castle room with its built-in miniature golf course.


Stroschen conceived the hotel as a means of funding his Propeller Island label, publishing music and sound sculptures, but it has taken on a life of its own and leaves him little time for his musical pursuits. He has written instructions for use for each of the unique staterooms, and asks guests to take special care, as some of the materials used to construct the unique rooms are easily broken or marred. It's like spending the night in a fine museum!


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  • Tim Draayer

    December 30, 2006

    Now that is a unique experience.
    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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