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Modern art hotel

semiramis4 Modern art hotel

It’s the 21st century, and hotelier Dakis Joannou wants to be sure we’re all clear on that. Semiramis, his new hotel in Athens, is so far from classical splendor, it’s positively futuristic. And bright. An architect and modern art collector, he’s commissioned designer Karim Rashid to create a hotel that stands out from the rest.

Semiramis3 Modern art hotel

Semiramis is located 340 meters above sea level, in the leafy and affluent suburb of Kifissia, giving guests a respite from the bustle and humidity of central Athens.

Semiramis2 Modern art hotel

It’s small – with 51 rooms, five of which are poolside bungalows, three penthouse studios, and one a penthouse suite. But the emphasis is on positive energy, design and art, rather than high volume of traffic.

semiramis5 Modern art hotel

The hotel is decorated with designs from Joannou’s personal art collection, and visitors will also have the chance to experience some bold contemporary design – from modular furniture to light-box installations and eye-poppingly graphic walls.

semiramisstitch Modern art hotel

We’ve heard a lot about cool hotels opening in Athens lately. Might be time to start planning a trip to Greece. RM

semiramis9 Modern art hotel.

Images: Semiramis Hotel

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