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Marley Resort and Spa

Marley Resort and SpaMarley Resort and Spa in the Bahamas.

This is the real situation: 16 themed suites inspired by the Marley musical legend, complemented by the Natural Mystic Spa, gourmet dining at the Simmer Down restaurant featuring some of Bob’s favorite Ital dishes, and, of course an area for live music, seen? A family affair through and through, the resort’s boutique includes a selection from Cedella Marley’s Catch A Fire fashion line.

Marley Resort and Spafunky Nassau’s Cable Beach, the Marley’s have owned the property for decades. The location served as their summer home since the days that the Legend was still, at least physically, around. The website describes it as “an elegant microcosm of African and Caribbean style. Sculptured hand-carved doors, mosaic tiles, intricate stonework and limestone walls accentuate throughout.”

Marley Resort and Spa

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  • kendra

    June 20, 2008

    Why is it so hard to find photos of the inside of the resort? I am thinking of staying there for honeymoon but would really like to see pictures of the suites…..

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