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L'Hotel Particulier Montmartre

L'Hotel Particulier MontmartreVan Gogh to Toulouse-Lautrec, has set up shop in Montmartre, in the shade of the beautiful Sacre Coeur. Here's a great way to follow in their footsteps – though granted you'll need more than a few centimes (or these days, euros) to rub together if you want to decamp to this particular hotel. L'Hotel Particulier Montmartre is a tiny boutique residence, with only five suites. And, like many of the other art hotels we've seen springing up recently, each suite was designed by a different artist.

L'Hotel Particulier MontmartreRocher de la sorcière (Sorcerer's Stone). Inside, each room is unique, from the edgy, modern 'Curtain of hair', designed by artist and photographer Natacha Lesueur (above), to the futuristic, almost psychedelic 'Vegetal room', created by contemporary artist Martine Aballéa. Aballéa wanted guests 'to feel like they were in a suspended garden or in trees. To have a sensation of floating in a luminous, soft and flowered space.'

And this is the feeling the hotel itself evokes – a magical wonderland that Alice would have loved to explore, a hidden world found behind a locked garden gate. A grand aristocratic time capsule, with an unexpected injection of modern edgy glamor. RM

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