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Il Tabacchificio

Il TabacchificioIl Tabacchificio is a refurbished 1920s tobacco factory in Salento, Italy, located between the sandy beaches of the Ionian Sea and the rugged cliffs of the Adriatic coast. After it closed down in 1989, the factory was sold to developers who saw a great new use for its long corridors and vaulted ceilings. Under the supervision of designer Francesco Spada, reconstruction began in 2002.

Il Tabacchificiobefore and after pictures on their website). An infusion of color – and great lighting fixtures – has made a feature of the building's many alcoves and star-shaped domed ceilings.

Il Tabacchificio

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  • Gianni

    January 16, 2008

    ‘Now, can someone please tell us how to pronounce its name?’
    You should pronounce ‘Il Tabacchificio’ like this: Eel Tabah-key-FEEchoh

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