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Interesting hotels aren't always in the world's largest metropolises. Plano, Texas, a wealthy suburb of Dallas is home to some of the state's most famous residents – think Lance Armstrong and Ross Perot – and with the NYLO Hotel, it is most certainly going to get on the list of out of the ordinary destinations worth a trip. This new lifestyle boutique is making a name for itself, giving proof that urban style is possible even outside of the city


With several global companies headquartered in Plano – Ericsson, UGS, etc. – NYLO Hotel is designed with the adventurous business traveler in mind; this is the place to stay if you need to get things done but want to feel luxurious doing it.


With exposed brick and concrete interiors, the architecture seems to be straight out of a trendily designed room in the likes of London or New York. Add to that large windows and soaring ceilings and there's no way that you can feel like your trip here is all business.


NYLO prides itself on being more than just a place to stay, launching its own in-house clothing, music and art lines. For the musically inclined, pick up a copy of NYLO Uncovers Summer Volume 1, featuring artists like Giovanni James and underground success Davey La. Looks like our next trip will have to be to the suburbs. AB


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