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It's not very often you come across a hotel /div> which is strikingly different from the crowd – and here's one we think that is. It also has the unique quality of offering something to suit almost every taste. The Fox Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, a branch of Brøchner Hotels, was redecorated to celebrate the launch of the Volkswagen Fox, and 21 international artists were invited to use the rooms as canvases. The result is 61 rooms, decorated by graphic designers, urban artists and illustrators, featuring almost anything you can imagine – from Japanese Manga and other comic book creations, to street art and 'spaced out fantasies'. It's an incredible flight of fancy.

Rooms include 'Strong enough' by Brazilian artist Speto, a child-like vision of animals in bold black and red; 'Ecstacy' by French artist WK interact, featuring a 'spaced out' girl in stark black and white; and 'King's Forest' by German illustrator Birgit Amadori, a red forest of mythical beings. The lobby, bar and restaurant are the work of Australian artist group Pandarosa.

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