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“What would you do if you won the lottery?” is a common question that often gets the simple answer: “travel.” But my personal style of travel usually entails budgets and backpacks, so if I actually won the lottery I would probably consider a classier kind of voyaging and exploring. That’s where Hotel AKA comes into play.


With that lottery money I would immediately head to New York or London and rent one of the company’s luxury, furnished flats. What better way to explore two of the world’s most famous cities by having your own pied-à-terre? I mean, who doesn’t want to call one of those places home, if only temporarily?


From studios to full on penthouses, AKA Hotel is a combines the comfort of a furnished apartment with the amenities of a hotel. Not only do you get to stay in a well-designed room that you can temporarily call your own, but there’s free wi-fi, a daily dose of coffee and pastries and a concierge. And because you’re on vacation, you probably don’t want to clean, which is why you can call in housekeeping whenever the mood strikes.


The AKA Hotel website is full of words like “sweeping terraces” and “sun-filled, duplex penthouse apartments” making you want to move in right away, if only for a brief visit. In New York City, you can stay near Central Park or even the United Nations. AKA Hotel also has locations in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Now we just need to work on winning the lottery. AB

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