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Harbor crane hotel

This is just about the most unusual hotel we've come across in our travels. It looks pretty cool, and we love the idea of taking something familiar and turning it into something totally unexpected. The Havenkraan, or harbor crane, is located in historic Harlingen, in the Netherlands, just on the edge of the Waddenzee. A once-functional crane, it's now a cool little hotel for two people. The room is perched on spindly legs 15 meters above sea level, offering great views of the surrounding area.

Inside it's tight, but you get all the amenities you need, including a shower with multicolored lighting (disco showers? very groovy), and a touchscreen that activates the air conditioning, DVD player and other gadgetry.

Getting in and out is by means of a tubular elevator, in which breakfast also arrives each morning. But best of all, if you've aways fancied being a crane operator, you can swivel the room around using the original crane's mechanical bits and pieces.
At the very least it means you can change the view every few hours.

Visible through the window are other rentals from the same company – the nearby lighthouse and a lifeboat, both modernized with the same attention to detail. Why not try out all three and let us know which you liked best? RM

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