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Whoever came up with the idea of asking twelve designers to each create one floor of a luxury hotel must have been a little crazy. The fact that it actually worked is even more amazing. The new Hotel Puerta America in Madrid features the work of designers like Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster, and Marc Newson on twelve different floors. Each has the same layout but its design concept is unique, representing a different vision, from sumptuous luxury and sensuous curves to white minimalism and angular sci-fi.


Even the underground carpark (designed by Teresa Sapey) is a work of art. Seven other designers or design teams contributed to the restaurant, reception area, penthouse, and garden. The hotel took three years and approximately 75 million euros to bring to life — and you can see why.


If you can't get to Madrid to stay at the Hotel Puerta America, go online. The hotel may be a feat of design and coordination, but its website is almost as exciting. Scroll up and down to visit each storey, scroll left and right to visit rooms within each floor — then fantasize about which floor you'll stay on.


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