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Elqui Domos

There is something very relaxing about lying beneath a starlight sky, just staring into space. And, for those of us who are not very fond of camping, being able to do so without having to sleep outdoors is a true luxury. This is what makes Elqui Domos such a treat — relaxation, luxury, and education all wrapped into one.

Located at the end of a dirt road near Pisco Elqui in Chile’s Elqui Valley, Elqui Domos is the only astronomic hotel in the southern hemisphere. It is composed of six two-story geodesic domes, with a living room and bathroom on the first floor, and a second-floor bedroom beneath a detachable roof for unobstructed stargazing. Each room is equipped with a telescope and astronomic literature to help you find your way in the night sky.

The stargazing couldn’t be more perfect. The Elqui Valley has a clear sky some 320 days a year, and Elqui Domos staff is available for telescope instruction, as well as nighttime tours and horseback rides for those who want a more in-depth astronomical adventure. There’s even a hot tub in a forty-foot dome if you want to maximize your relaxation.

The domes themselves were built by Ecodomos, a firm specializing in the building of geodesic domes. If you find that you like the comfort and close-to-nature feel of pod tourism, you might also want to take a look at Whitepod — another pod-based destination, located in the Swiss Alps. I bet the stargazing is great there, too!

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