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Dog Bark Park


If you find yourself passing through Cottonwood, Idaho, on Highway 95, be sure to keep an eye out for Dog Bark Park. Here you'll find Toby, a twelve-foot-tall beagle statue, and Sweet Willy, the largest beagle in the world — and the only one with a bed and breakfast inside!


Toby and Sweet Willy are the creations of husband-and-wife artists Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin. Dennis is a self-taught chainsaw artist who has been creating art from wood for more than twenty years. Frances learned chainsaw carving after joining him some fifteen years ago, and together they carve more than sixty breeds of dog (as well as other animals) from pine, using only wood from trees that are no longer alive.


Their dog-shaped bed and breakfast sleeps four and has a full bath and small kitchen. There are books, puzzles, and games available, as well as a cozy reading nook in the dog's muzzle, but no telephone or television. During your stay, you can also visit the Sunset Auto View in Grangeville — one of the last drive-in movie theaters.


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