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Costa Lanta

When you wander way off the beaten track, you may not expect to find a beautifully-designed, contemporary hotel. But that’s what Costa Lanta is. This surprising hotel on Lanta Yai island in Thailand is the ultimate in minimalist elegance – with polished concrete floors, wooden exteriors, and walls (or doors) that open up into the environment around them. So you can be inside your room, or surrounded in nature, whenever you feel like it.

Costa LantaKrabi airport, nestled between beach and preserved tropical forest. Rooms are scattered among the trees, separated by the natural water system that runs through the island, and linked by wooden walkways. You can choose a room that opens into the woods or towards the beach, though none of the rooms actually sits right on the beach itself.

Costa Lantaflip-flops. Creature comforts and escapism all rolled into one. RM

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  • Gretta

    October 25, 2011

    What is the price range on this hotel? Also, I’m a little confused by the titles on this post. What do the airport and flip-flops have to do with the hotel? Beyond that, it is obviously beautiful and I’m glad to have heard of it considering I’m making my way toward Thailand soon and was looking for a couple more hotels to check out.

Any comments?