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Cave dwelling

There's something about staying in a cave that conjures up images of cold, hard floors and severe discomfort. Here's a hotel in Turkey that flies in the face of that stereotype. Located in Cappadocia, a magical landscape of fairy chimneys, the Yunak Evleri is a luxurious hotel carved into a mountain cliff.

The hotel is made up of six cave houses, 30 rooms that date back to the 5th century, and a 19th-century Greek mansion. Narrow passages and stone stairways weave their way between rooms decorated in handmade Ottoman-style furniture.

Guests are encouraged to spend evenings watching the sunset outside by the fireplace, reclining on Turkish pillows, or having dinner on the candlelit rooftop terrace. Just in case that all sounds a little too low-tech, there's also a music room, a computer room and a movie room.

If the Yunak Evleri brings out the caveman in you, take a look at the Esbelli Evi, another cave hotel nearby in Urgup.

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  • oktay

    November 24, 2009

    just added that to the to-do list when i go to turkiye next spring, sweeeeeeet!

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