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Sometimes going on vacation can be a little unsettling. If you’re the kind of person who gets a little nervous when you’re traveling, here’s a reassuring place to stay. The Capsulehotel is made up of two 1972 survival capsules tethered to a dock in the Dutch city of The Hague. These TEMPSCs (totally enclosed motor-propelled survival craft), once used on offshore oil and gas drilling rigs, are only 4.25m in diameter – ie, cosy – and built to withstand all kinds of calamities.

Created by ‘garbage architect’ Denis Oudendijk, the Capsulehotel is an exercise in recycling – taking a waste product and turning it into something functional. The capsules are available to rent in three forms: the SURVIVALCAPSULE for 70€ a night offers a basic capsule in which to bed down; the SURVIVAL+CAPSULE for 100€ offers an additional toilet and DVD player; and the unmissable LUXECAPSULE 150€ boasts sheepskins, cushions, sleeping bags, champagne, DVD player complete with all the 007 films you can watch, a karaoke machine, mirror ball, toilet and bicycle. Groovy, baby.

This summer, the capsules will be moving for two months to the banks of the Loire River in France, between Nantes and Saint Nazaire, for Le Lieu Unique‘s first biannual Contemporary Art: LAND1 Exhibit, and appearing as part of its Mobile Architectural Show. At all other times, you can book it by contacting DENIS@VLNR.INFO.

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