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Bull ring hotel

For sheer WOW factor, it's hard to beat this amazing hotel in Mexico. The Quinta Real Zacatecas is a former outdoor theater, built in 1866 and once used for spectacular bull fights. In 1989, it was converted into a luxury hotel, complete with 49 rooms that overlook the arena, banquet halls, a vaulted bar (converted from the cellar in which the bulls used to sleep), as well as a preserved aqueduct.

The last bullfight of San Pedro took place in the arena in 1975, and the bull ring itself has now been converted into a huge cobbled patio. As an architectural wonder, the Quinta Real is hard to beat. But if you find yourself looking for another reason to go there, it has the added bonus of being located in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Zacatecas.

Founded in 1546 as a rich source of silver, Zacatecas is located on the steep slopes of a narrow valley. The cathedral, which was built between 1730 and 1760, dominates the centre of the town. You can spend hours wandering through the winding colonial-era streets, take a cable car over the historic center, or delve into the city's famous silver mines. Alternatively, you can relax at the bull's bedroom bar back at the hotel. Prices start at $240 per night.

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