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Baroque 'n' Roll


It's hard to imagine combining plasma TVs with baroque beds, but at the Byblos Art Hotel, they've somehow gotten away with it. Housed in the restored 15th-century Villa Amista near Verona, the Byblos was created as a permanent home for a wide range of contemporary art, displayed amongst baroque architecture and fittings. It's an astonishingly playful space. Some of the rooms look like they've been borrowed from the cartoon world of the Jetsons.


Mendini's Optical suite, in one of the villa's turrets, for example, is a riot of colors that wouldn't look out of place in a kid's room. The Grand Room, by contrast, welcomes guests into the hotel with a giant Murano glass chandelier, suspended from a decidedly risqué ceiling decorated in wispy female nudes by Vanessa Beecroft. Ten out of ten for audacity.


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