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Art hotels – they’re inspiring, but we know they can be a little hit or miss. Let’s face it, I wouldn’t want to stay in a room filled with Damien Hirst’s decaying formaldehyde cow heads. Not that I know of a room like that. But for the sake of comparison, a room full of his butterflies would be far more appealing. Art, after all, is personal, subjective. As are art hotels. With that in mind, see what you think of the New Majestic Hotel in Singapore. A new boutique hotel in Singapore’s Chinatown, The New Majestic features 30 rooms designed by emerging local artists, including Safaruddin Abdul Hamid, Andre Tan, Lee Meiling, Heleston Chew, Tay Bee Aye and Miguel Chew, among others. Enter the grand colonial hotel through a vast white foyer littered with subtle Chinese imagery: a modern Terracotta warrior here, calligraphy there. The grandeur is brought down to earth (and into the ‘loft’ era) by the scuffed ceiling, which is adorned with multicolored hanging lights. Black vintage chairs offer a great vantage point. Then choose from a mirror room, a hanging bed room, an aquarium room or a loft room. Singaporean theatre director Glen Goei has created Wayang, a boudoir with walls draped in rich red silk, and lacquered wood furniture. Meanwhile Fluid is fashion designer Wykidd Song’s vision of minimalism and sensual curves. And the location adds to its idiosyncrasy – in Singapore’s bright and bustling Chinatown. Full of restored shophouses (the New Majestic is one of these), it’s the place to pick up plastic Buddhas and dried seahorses, visit temples, and eat. RM

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