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Andean Bauhaus | Hotel Antumalal

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Andean Bauhaus. Reads like the result of a dadaist poetry game. Besides the consecutive order of their first letters within the Latin alphabet, the association between the two words doesn't easily come to mind. Yet, in the foothills of Chile's Southern Andes awaits the connection, and a memorable one at that — Hotel Antumalal.


Conceived by Czech immigrants and designed by Chilean architects in 1945 as a tribute to Bauhaus architecture, Hotel Antumalal is considered as one of the best example of the Bauhaus style in all of Chile. True to its inspiration, the hotel emphasizes modernist form and function intended to honor the natural beauty of its surroundings.


Meaning "corral of the sun" in the indigenous Mapuche language, Hotel Antumalal's interior gracefully complements its Andean setting, accommodating guests in 22 rooms that feature local wood and stone paneling, private fireplaces, original pieces of Bauhaus-style furniture and wall-sized windows overlooking majestic Lake Villarica.

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With such stylish luxury one can be forgiven for lounging languorously in one's room, soaking in the inspiration, perhaps enjoying some of Neruda's naturalist verses.


But with 13 acres of park and gardens, a swimming pool, tennis court, spa and access to private beaches on the lake and numerous waterfalls, time spent exploring the hotel grounds and beyond is an unequivocal must. And you can always have those Pisco Sours at the bar when you get back.


Hotel Antumalal does not disappoint the more active among us either. Located in an area known for adventure tourism in Chile, once you're there, you can choose from several outdoors activities, including river rafting, horseback riding, thermal hotsprings, fishing, mountain biking, trekking and skiing, among other options.

Hotel Antumalal.........................(3820.jpg)

In fact, it seems that the /div> worst thing about the place is getting there. Located near Pucón, about 780 km south of the capital, Santiago, Hotel Antumalal isn't really a stone's throw from anywhere for most of us, especially those from the Northern side of the equator. But by the looks of it, rest assured, once you're there, you'll be just fine, if not divine.


Images courtesy of Hotel Antumalal

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