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Amazonian Posh

The Amazon's Posher Side M/V Aqua, stylishly cruises the Peruvian Amazon as the destination’s first boutique boat. Upscale Amazon, anyone?

The Amazon's Posher Side Fitzcarraldo
could of used some of this. All guest accommodations, the exterior façade, and shared areas were designed by renowned Peruvian architect/interior designer Jordi Puig, while the Executive Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino-created menu delights the palate with edgy, yet traditional nouveau-Andean fare. An on-board naturalist adds the local touch with his life-long knowledge of Amazonia, leading trips that explore its mysterious depths and abundant flora and fauna.

The Amazon's Posher SideBelem? Your intentions and the luxury aside — your inner explorer/adventurer will appreciate the nourishment.


Images Copyright © 2007 Aqua Expeditions and Jaime Perez de Solar

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