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Albergo il Monastero, Ischia

Albergo il Monastero, Ischia............(4044.jpg)

As calming summer breezes transition to nippy fall mornings, it's a good time to start dreaming about late autumn holidays. Just a few photos of Albergo il Monastero and I knew what I wanted to put on my wish list.

Albergo il Monastero, Ischia............(4045.jpg)

Located atop the island of Ischia in a former monastery, Albergo il Monastero actually sits on the northwestern side of a castle compound overlooking the stunning waters of the Gulf of Naples.

Albergo il Monastero, Ischia............(4043.jpg)

The hotel most certainly learns from its history, and its atmosphere is one of quiet meditation combined with the charm of antiquity. Visitors can spend hours perusing the labyrinth of stairs and passageways or opt for a relaxing day on the sunny terrace with a glass of vino.

Albergo il Monastero, Ischia............(4042.jpg)

The island of Ischia is close to Naples and nearby lie the Castiglione Thermal Parks. But if you've spent all day on one of the island's beautiful beaches, you may just want to relax in the simply but beautifully designed rooms that manage to practically blend in with the impressive natural surroundings. I know I want to go. AB

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