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When it comes to room color, it’s said that red wakes you up, blue lowers your blood pressure, and green helps you unwind. Next time you’re in Brussels, you can test this theory out at the brand new Pantone Hotel. This ‘hotel of colors’ has been designed to awaken your senses, using color. It is, apparently, the center of the color universe. Which makes it a very exciting place to be.


In the mid-20th century, Pantone Inc revolutionized graphic design by launching their Pantone Matching System, which gave designers and printers a global standard, an alphabet for color, a way of ensuring that color can be faithfully reproduced.


In a recent move to expand their Pantone Universe, the company has taken this precise color palette and created (or endorsed) products including paint, sneakers (by Seavees), kitchenware (by Typhoon), stationery (by Alpa), and now a hotel.


Designed by architect Olivier Hannaert and interior designer Michel Penneman, the Pantone Hotel has been decorated to appeal to a savvy palette, offering a canvas of white walls and bedding, with space for colors to pop.


At reception, guests can choose from 59 rooms to suit their mood, with a choice between vivid and subdued rooms. Each of its seven floors has a different mood, from earthy and rich, to fresh and eager.


Names like PANTONE 12-1107, 12-0736 and 12-0435 were created to distinguish the colors in the spectrum, and are now used as the names of cocktails in the Pantone Hotel’s bar. Within the hotel walls, you’ll also find Pantone Chip mugs by W2 and Pantone bath products by Hypro Cosmetics, as well as a host of other design products for sale in its gift store. The walls themselves are adorned with works of art by renowned Belgian photographer Victor Levy that feature a wide spectrum of Pantone colors.


It’s an inspiring idea that’ll have you heading home to repaint your own walls. RM


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