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Yike Bike!

yike-bike-new-22 We've seen plenty of novel 'bikes' over the years (from the eRinGo to the WheelSurf), and some that don't look all that different from this (the UnoCycle). But it looks like the YikeBike is catching on. Is this the shape of bikes to come? yike-bike-88 Could be. So far, reviews of the Penny Farthing-inspired electric bike have /div> been great. A solution to urban overcrowding, the YikeBike is a compact electric bike that's so lightweight (10kg) you can fold it up and carry it onto public transport. yike-bike-new-11 The original design (by inventor Grant Ryan) is called the Mini Farthing, and Yike Bike has licensed it and taken it to the production stage. It's now available for sale in the US, and will soon be sold in a variety of colors. yike-bike-1010yike-bike-99 Grant Ryan was intrigued by the idea that a bike could dramatically change our transport system. 'I had long scratched my head about why we transported 1-2 tonnes of metal and other materials with us whenever we drove to work or to the local shops,' he explains. And he started exploring basic bike designs, as well as innovations by Clive Sinclair (the A-Bike) and Dean Kamen (the Segway). yike-bike-22 'I think the Segway is a fantastic engineering feat and is very cool to ride, but it seems to me a bit overly complicated to be mass-market.' Plus, it's heavy and you can't fold it. yike-bike-55 So he took an old concept (the Penny Farthing) and melded it with a newer concept (the folding bike), making it streamlined and lightweight – and therefore practical. At the same time, it achieved something which most folding bikes have failed at. In other words, it looks cool, not geeky. RM yike-bike-33 yike-bike-new-44 yike-bike-new-33 yike-bike-77

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  • Sonya

    March 26, 2011

    Super cool site! This YikeBike looks just wild, I haven’t seen it anywhere.

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