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Where No Van Has Gone Before

If you’re lucky enough to be vacationing in New Zealand, Australia or the UK this year, do it in a Spaceship. Yes, you heard that right. A Spaceship. Straight outta Roswell. Actually, Spaceships are about as earthy vehicles as you’re ever likely to travel in. Created in New Zealand, they’re smaller than RVs and bigger than rental cars. In short, they’re tricked-out minivans. Since they’re smaller and sportier than most vans, Spaceships can go more places. Like up steep hills and along gravel roads. Plus they can be parked in underground parking lots. Try doing that with your RV. Granted, space is more limited, but that’s half the fun. They seat four, and sleep two to four on an extendable bed. They also have all the facilities needed for seriously comfortable car camping: two-burner cookers, fridge freezers, water supply, DVD player (with unlimited DVDs), CD player, and MP3 player. Think of a Spaceship as a Swiss Army Knife on wheels, and you start to get the idea. Other cool features include a dual battery system (so you don’t need a mains plug), lockable storage, and 24-hour roadside assistance. Space Stations dotted around the country offer free advice and great deals for Space Travelers. And better still, there’s a Space Community, so Space Travelers can meet, compare notes, and trade DVDs at the Space Stations. For now they’re only available in three countries, but it sounds like Spaceships could really take off. Live long and prosper. RM

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