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Have you ever felt like traveling through the Sahara, without leaving all (well, almost all) of the comforts of home behind?  Well the makers of the Unicat are here to help you. A cross between an extreme, off-road RV and the Four Seasons, the creators of the Unicat are hoping to change how and where people travel, by putting the power back in the best hands: you.


Uniquely outfitted to endure any condition, and custom-built from chassis up for each customer, the Unicat can keep it's inhabitants comfortable in temperatures ranging from 70 below to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, letting you and your family (or small band of post-apocalyptic survivors) travel anywhere from the Arctic to the Sahara.


Depending on your preferences, the Unicat can ford through up to five feet of water, and can come equipped with it's own remotely-operated airplane and undersea vehicle (carried in a custom trailer along with a motorcycle, of course.) It's ability to operate in virtually impossible terrain and all weather extremes makes it a perfect fit for vehicles involved in search and rescue, natural disaster survival, remote eco-tourism, zombie apocalypse, or a vacation with my dad.


The nice people at Unicat don't just give you your transformer-style truck and let you go. Each car comes with a guarantee of service and maintenance, as well as global logistics and a worldwide repair service, in case you are a little too ambitious when you are crossing that remote sand dune.


Unicat will assist you in shipping, handling, licensing, and insuring your vehicle for whereever you want to go. But if thinking of exotic destinations seems like too much work, they'll also organize a Unicatour that will help you learn how to utilize the full potential of your vehicle in various distant locales. To put the cherry on the cake, they'll customize the interior of your vehicle with all the marble countertops and luxurious finishes your heart desires. Take that, Holiday Inn!



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