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Travel in Style with Colim (Colors of Life in Motion)


I have seen plenty of Motorcoaches towing their Jeeps behind them, wondering if this is really the answer to traveling when you retire. Kind of a heavy load and definitely not cheap. So what about 'Colim' designed by Christian Susana ? Well, I would definitely not wait until retirement to drive this thing down to Baja California.

Mobile 77

The designer states, “it is a ' lifestyle motor home' which could stretch the bridge between caravans, camper, lifestyle and business”. I really prefer this new Fifth Wheel concept from a 2008 University graduate over the somewhat old fashion look of caravans.

Mobile Home

With the Colim I can drive to the campground, remove the car from the main body and go shopping way more efficiently. It has a top speed of 90mph and features an interior that can be customized to fit a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and seating area.


I haven't seen any other concept vehicles in the recreational department besides Mehrzeller that catch my interest, so for now, Go Colim! More interior images here. HL

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  • California traveler

    December 30, 2011

    Very unique! This does seem to solve some of the problems of other vehicles. I have to wonder though, I see that the center wheels (back wheels of the car section) are not on the road when connected. I wonder how difficult it is to transition between the two? Amazing though. 🙂

  • Nepal trekking

    October 29, 2009

    great vehicle for travellers

  • William Wallace

    October 27, 2009

    This is one stylish looking concept vehicle that offers a lot of potential. It could prove to be a winner if they ever start making the thing.

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