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Solarlab's Solar Rickshaw


Most people associate rickshaws with images of third-world poverty, or fleeting tourist novelty: how quaint, to have someone else peddle you around! However, the new solar-powered rickshaw by Solarlab is about to change the image of the rickshaw to something decidedly more twenty-first century. 


According to Solarlab, 75% of the total power needed to drive the vehicle will come from the photovoltaic solar generator on the roof, while the remaining 25% will be provided by the driver's own pedal power. With the addition of solar power, you don't have have to be a superhero on steroids to drive yourself around.


The modular design of the rickshaw makes it easy to convert to load-bearing vehicles required for inner city logistics, and supply chain requirements. In other words, not only can you cart yourself around, you can also add in a couple of tourists, and all their groceries too.


Launching next year, Solarlab hopes to reduce CO2 emissions in London by up to 2 tons per rickshaw. From prehistoric transportation, to the transportation of the future: making transportation eco-friendly is closer to the past then we think. Then again, there's always walking.



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