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In ancient Greek mythology the sea god Proteus is a son of a Poseidon, and caretaker of all marine life. Proteus can foretell the future, but changes shape to avoid having to. In 2007 lore Proteus is a visionary catamaran with a unique trick. Like its Greek namesake, it also changes shape when it needs to.

Conventional watercraft forces water to conform to its hull. Not Proteus. Its remarkable design – it looks something like a long-legged mosquito – consists of a series of springs and shocks that move in relation to each other and the surface of the water beneath it. In addition, the ship’s payload is equipped to carry other vessels that can be detached and lowered onto the water.


More than just a one-trick sea pony, Proteus’ size can be modified according to the necessities of its use. It can be disassembled and shipped, and boasts an ocean-crossing range of 5000 miles.

Proteus’ developer Marine Advanced Research, Inc., envisions the vessel being used in recreational, oceanographic, search and rescue, and even military undertakings. Still in an experimental stage – trials are in progress – Proteus’ future is bright. The sky, and sea, is the limit.

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