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Ireland by horse-drawn caravan

Access your inner Romany with this cool idea for a summer holiday. Mayo Horse Drawn Caravan Holidays can take you on a journey through Ireland and back in time, at the same time. It sounds like a great way to relax, as you travel the roads of South Mayo at a walking pace. And the best thing is, you hardly need any experience with horses – they only ask that you have the willingness to learn.

The 'bow-topped' gypsy wagons available for rent were built following the designs of caravans that have been used by Irish Travellers since around 1840. The interiors however have been adapted for comfort, and can sleep up to four people.

The caravan also has a breakfast cooker, electric kettle, sink/wash-basin, kitchen equipment, seating and internal electric lighting. Tents are available at a small charge. RM

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