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Ice Dogs

We've all heard stories of heroic men traveling across frozen tundra with their team of huskies. I, for one, thought that this was something out of the past, and that dog sleds were put together for the Iditarod but otherwise forgotten. But then I found out about Godwin Glacier Dog Sled Tours — not only are dog sleds still running in Alaska, but you can drive one yourself!

Godwin Glacier Dog Sled Tours, located in Seward, Alaska, conducts several dog sled tours every day during summer months. Each tour begins with a ride on a state-of-the-art Eurocopter AS350 Series helicopter — with a chance to see bears, moose, and eagles from the air — and a landing on Godwin Glacier. From there, guests are greeted by a guide (who may give you a first-hand account of racing in the Iditarod) and the 80 Alaskan husky dogs which will make up the dog teams. And after an orientation and instruction, guests get to mush their own team across the snow, through the unspoiled wilderness!

If you want an even more intimate experience with the Glacier, the company has other options available. You can take a helicopter tour, hike on a glacier, or even spend a night in comfortable accommodations on the glacier itself!

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