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High Speed Travel by Design

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Super fast and super good looking. No more horse & buggy. Travel has changed, and we like it. We can be nostalgic – where nostalgia has its place, but when it comes to getting from one spot to another we prefer to be up to speed, in style and looking good. Anyway, here are some options to get around the world – by train.

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Japan rail

Japan. Fasttech 360, Shinkansen. These trains are equipped with emergency air braking plates, like those of an aircraft and similar in appearance to the ears of a cat. This trait immediately earned them a nickname of Nekomimi Shinkansen (?????), which literally means “cat-eared”.

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shinkansen 3

shinkansen 2

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tvg 2


France. TGV. On 18 May 1990 the star of the show was the TGV Atlantic train number 325, which beat its previous record by achieving a speed of 515.3 km/h
on the Paris-Tours line.


ICE, Germany, InterCity Express. Germany has its own high-speed train, connecting all major cities and expanding into Europe.

So what about the US?

California has finally approved the building of its first high-speed rail between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Watch the video. HL 

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  • hidestination

    July 27, 2012

    Wao..Nice pics..Good combination of speed and design,fast and furious.

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