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Next time you're in San Francisco, you have to check out these amazing little cars. GoCars are yellow three-wheeler bugs that feature a GPS-driven audio tour of the city. So you and a friend can jump in, follow the instructions as you drive around the city's famous landmarks, and listen to a commentary as you go. It's like being on a tour bus – but way, way more fun.

They may look like go-carts but GoCars are fully functional and easy to drive. And best of all, you can take the tour at your own pace and stop anywhere along the way. The two-hour tour leaves from Fisherman's Wharf, leading you through the Marina District, Golden Gate Bridge, Baker Beach and the Cliff House, taking you as far as Ocean Beach. Then it escorts you back through Golden Gate Park and Haight Ashbury. And the tour wouldn't be complete without a drive down notoriously curvy Lombard Street.

If you hate the idea of a guided tour of any kind, you can blaze your own trail through the streets of San Francisco in a GoCar. They're also available in San Diego, and are coming soon to Miami. Check out their video
on YouTube.

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